Solutions for Logistics in the Pacific Northwest

If you need large-volume, pallet-level distribution, then our efficient processes, system capabilities and quality-driven associates will keep your products turning and your costs down.

If your needs are less predictable, requiring a flexible logistics capability that can turn on a dime, then our business and our culture couldn’t be a better fit. We meet short-notice customer requests, product recalls, and high-volume rollouts — emergency situations when there’s no time for discussion, only action.

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Our Full Range of 3PL Solutions

» Import Logistics
We provide the complete solution, from drayage to final delivery. We specialize in expedited container unloading of all types of materials.

» Manufacturing Support
We store ingredients and components to support production line planning activities for all types of manufacturing and assembly.

» Food-Grade Storage
We handle both ingredients and finished goods.

» Value-Added Warehousing Services
We perform fast, efficient product conversion.


» Pick/Pack/Ship
We offer dedicated operations for pick and pack.

» West Region Distribution
We combine warehousing with local and regional trucking to deliver to your customers in Washington and the surrounding states.

» Private Data Backup Cloud Storage
We can securely back up your data to our servers.

Need warehousing space in the NW?

Whether you need a public warehouse or dedicated, long-term warehousing support, contact LSI to discuss how we can meet your needs.